Give to the Library

We welcome financial contributions to support our ongoing acquisition, preservation, exhibition, and digitization activities. If you would like to make a monetary gift, please visit the Weinberg Memorial Library's online secure giving site or contact the Library Dean's office at 570-941-7816.

Donate or Loan Materials

We accept donations of selected materials in our collecting areas. If you would like to support The University of Scranton Archives and Helen Gallagher McHugh Special Collections by donating materials (which would become part of the permanent physical holdings of the University), please contact us.

If you are interesting in loaning materials for digitization and inclusion in our online digital collections, please contact the Library's Digital Services department at


We welcome student, staff, alumni, and community involvement in our work. As time and resources permit, we may offer volunteer opportunities, such as:

Photo identification
Staff members identify as many photos as possible using yearbooks, the Aquinas, newspaper clippings, and other resources. Despite our best efforts, however, our collections include many "mystery photos." Alumni and other long-time community members are invaluable resources for recognizing important University people and events, as well as filling in the story behind the image.
Many of our Special Collections materials involve handwriting, which (while often beautiful and striking) is difficult to read using automated tools. Volunteers with a good eye for script can help us make these items more discoverable by typing out searchable text.
Demand for digitization of our collections is high and far exceeds the staff time we have available.
Research and Writing
We would love to have more information about University of Scranton history (or other topics covered in our Special Collections) to share with the public. Volunteers can help us prepare brief histories, timelines, or other resources to be published on our website.
Please help us promote and publicize our collections! Volunteers can share items from our digital collections on social media, create new works of research or art from our materials, or discover other interesting ways to support and advocate for archives and special collections.