Getting Started

Getting Started

Where should I start?

If you’re unsure of where to begin, we recommend browsing our master list of collections, organized alphabetically or by category, as a launching point for your search. Each collection has a Collection Guide, which provides more information about that collection and (for most collections) an inventory or description of the collection's contents.

What might I find in your collections?

Our collections are very diverse. The University of Scranton Archives collections feature a wide variety of materials relating to the history of the University of Scranton, including official University records, reports, and publications; faculty and student scholarship; and more informal documentation, such as photographs and clippings donated by alumni and University community members.

Our McHugh Special Collections feature rare and historically significant materials on a range of topics. Our strengths include 19th century penmanship, rare books and manuscripts, local history, Jesuits and Passionists, and Judaic studies.

What’s available digitally?

Our collections include materials in many different formats, both physical (print documents, bound volumes, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, original artwork, etc) and digital (digitized as well as born digital). For each collection, we've indicated whether it includes physical or digital materials (or both) and whether any of the physical material has been digitized. We are continually adding content of all types.

Only a small fraction of our physical materials have been scanned at this point, but digitization is ongoing. If you're interested in physical materials that have not yet been digitized, and you are unable to visit, please contact us to let us know. We do our best to fulfill digitization requests as staff time allows. We also welcome contributions to support the costs of digitization and digital preservation.

Why are some items and collections marked as "on-campus access only" or "restricted to on-campus users"? How can I view these items?

Most of our digital content is publicly available online, but in some cases, access is restricted (often due to copyright, privacy concerns, or donor/author request) to on-campus users or (less frequently) staff members only. (See our Access Restrictions policy for more information.)

Some of these materials (like theses, for example) are available in print and can be viewed by appointment in the Reading Room of the University Archives and McHugh Special Collections. Visitors to campus can also use one of the Weinberg Memorial Library's public access computers to browse digital content that is limited to on-campus users.

What's the best way to search the collections?

Our digital materials have a wealth of descriptive information that you can search, often including full text transcripts. To narrow down your search, we suggest limiting your search or sorting your search results by date, type, or creator. Some collections also have collection-specific search limitations, such as by academic year, publication, and penman.

Are there any limitations to how I can use results from the collections in my research or projects?

Yes. We encourage our patrons to make use of our collection materials, but it's your responsibility to comply with copyright law and with any other stated restrictions. Please see our Rights and Reuse Policy for more information.