Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Scranton Time Capsule Collection

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Contents of a 1907 Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Scranton time capsule, unearthed by the University of Scranton in 2013.
Subset of the University of Scranton Archives
University of Scranton. Physical Plant
Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Scranton
Date Range
1889 - 1907
2 boxes

Access and Use

Digital Access

Materials from the time capsule have not yet been digitized. However, YWCA publication Our Woman's Paper has been digitized from another copy of the issue and is publicly available online.

Physical Access

Physical materials may be browsed by appointment in the Reading Room of the University Archives and McHugh Special Collections.


Most of the materials in this collection are dated prior to 1923. They are believed to be in the public domain and may be used without restriction.

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[Item Title], [Box], [Folder], Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Scranton Time Capsule Collection, University of Scranton Archives. [Reference URL for digital objects.]

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Scope and Content Note

The collection is composed of two boxes of materials discovered in a time capsule in 2013 during the demolition of the University of Scranton's Leahy Hall (205-207 Washington Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania), which was originally constructed in 1907 as the home of the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Scranton. The time capsule had been stored in the cornerstone for the building.

System of Arrangement

The collection is arranged into 2 boxes.


2013-039 Box 3. Contents of the Time Capsule

  1. Oxford Text Bible
  2. Six Coins (1904-1906)
  3. Scranton YWCA Annual Reports: 1889 (first annual), 1889 - June 1892, 1894-1899, 1901-1903, 1906
  4. Scranton YWCA Informational Pamphlet (1893)
  5. Scranton YWCA Reports of Committees for Five Months of the South Side Scranton Branch (February 1, 1893)
  6. Scranton YWCA Newsletter, Our Young Women (February 1896 - February 1907, not a complete run) in three folders
  7. National YWCA Monthly Newsletter, The Association (May 1907)
  8. Scranton YWCA Decorative Announcement for the successfully raised funds at the Testimonial Supper in the amount of $2,194 to be put towards the construction of the YWCA building (May 15, 1903)
  9. Pennsylvania and Maryland YWCA: Annual Reports (1904, 1905, 1906)
  10. Scranton YWCA: Courses of Study (1904-1907)
  11. Scranton YWCA: Treasurer's notes for nine months ending May 16, 1906
  12. National YWCA: Program for World's Week of Prayer (November 11-17, 1906)
  13. Scranton YWCA: Foreign Letters, Our Representative in South America (December 1906)
  14. National YWCA: Program for the first biennial convention of YWCA of the United States, New York City (December 5-6, 1906)
  15. Almanac, The Scranton Truth (1907)
  16. Pennsylvania and Maryland YWCA: Program for the 18th Annual Convention of YWCA of Pennsylvania and Maryland in Altoona, PA (February 28 - March 3, 1907)
  17. Duluth, Minnesota YWCA: Newsletter, The Journal (March 1907)
  18. Scranton YWCA: Program for Laying of the Cornerstone (May 6, 1907)
  19. Scranton YWCA: Clipping from Newsletter, "Our Summer Cottage" on Lake Ariel (undated)
  20. Scranton YWCA: Membership Ticket and Identification Card (blank forms, not completed) (undated)
  21. Scranton YWCA: Five photographs of members (undated)
  22. Program, Columbia: An American Drama, to benefit Scranton YWCA, (November 1-3, 1904) Scranton Truth Print, Souvenir and Prospectus - includes Architect's Rendering of YWCA Building by Robert Woodrow Snyder (1874-1955) on page 2 and a historical narrative YWCA on page 3. It includes many advertisements.
  23. Scranton YWCA: Various lists with names of members, including:
    1. Charter Members, summer 1888
    2. Members of the Association, May 6, 1907
    3. Committee Members, May 6, 1907?
    4. Petersburg Memberships (undated)
    5. Prov. Branch
    6. South Scranton Memberships
  24. News articles on the opening of the time capsule October 2013 (not from time capsule)

2013-039 Box 1. Contents of the Time Capsule (Oversized)

Issues of local Scranton newspapers:

  1. Our Women's Paper – May 14, 1896 [digitized version]
  2. Scranton Tribune – November 1, 1906
  3. Scranton Times – May 4, 1907
  4. Scranton Truth – May 4, 1907
  5. Scranton Republican – May 6, 1907
  6. Scranton Tribune – May 6, 1907

Acquisition Information

Time capsule was unearthed and opened 10 October 2013 during the demolition of Leahy Hall.